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Aww… But you’re just a baby!

Not too long ago I was invited to sit in on the Young Artist Program auditions of a company for whom I used to work. It was an interesting time, and there was plenty of conversation about the people auditioning. … Continue reading

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That is definitely the best approach…..and so is that.

A couple of years ago I was coaching some music with a friend of mine, a wonderful coach. In the course of the hour, I observed, “Y’know, I have recently been thinking a lot about the relationship between a hook-up … Continue reading

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That’s a lovely image…. but how?

“Remember to bring the top down”   –   “Bring it forward, get a more forward sound” “Try to get it into the pocket”   –   “Sing in the mix” “Don’t bring the chest too high”   –   “Turn it over. … Continue reading

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